10 offbeat things to do in goa

Traveling to Goa is now a matter of child’s play what with fabulous India tour coming up in great numbers. While there are plenty of beaches, casinos and cathedrals to keep a first-timer on tenterhooks, if you are making a second or a third visit, here we present ten offbeat things one can do in Goa

1.Exploring Keri Village

Keri is a small hamlet which is away from the glare of the city lights. It is a serene place which is flanked by seas and fishermen. This place is also noted for Ayurveda and its natural atmosphere. A day-trip to Keri can be a balm to the soul.

2.Visiting the caves of Goa

It is unfortunate that the caves of Goa are not much publicized. In fact, not many would know that there is a bunch of historic caves in the state. They are not just testimonies of nature’s work but they are also associated with some interesting tales of history and mythology.


While there is the Salim Ali Bird Park for the bird-watchers, if you have a fetish for reptiles, try heading to this corner called Cumbarjua. This is a site where you can spot lots of mangrove trees. And amidst the dense foliage, you will always get to feast your eyes on a heady number of giant crocs. They can also be observed through ferry boats. Clicking the picture of an open-mounted croc enjoying its sun-bath can do your social reputation a lot of good.

4.Checking out Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach is amongst the less explored beaches of Goa. You can call it an offbeat destination since it does not draw as many footfalls as it should. One of the prime reasons for its isolation is its distance. It is situated 50 km away from Panaji and that is good enough to deter tourists. But its popularity is on the rise and many travel planners are including this one in the Goa tour package.

5.Scooting around

One of the most satisfying things to do in Goa is to explore its nooks and alleys on a scooty. Scooties are easy to operate and even girls can have a go. After all, as one Priyanka Chopra says, ‘Why should boys have all the fun?’

6.Shouting from Chapora Fort

Chopra reminded me of Chapora. Chapora Fort has been gaining popularity steadily. It used to be a pretty secluded place until it got a huge boost after being shown in ‘Dil Chahta Hai’. Climbing this fort and shouting your lungs out- it still is a wonderful thing to do and one which not many would dare to try!

7.Clicking Portuguese houses and mansions

Goa is one of the most loved places in India since it has some really vintage gems. Throughout the state, you will come across Portuguese houses and mansions, many of which are now desolate while some are rented out to tourists. Clicking them can be a great way to rediscover lost times.

8.Waterfall Rappelling

This is the ultimate thing to do. It is offbeat, it is cool and it is something which will truly test your adrenaline. Head over to Sattari in Goa and this sport will let you battle against the waterfalls as you climb down the rocks.

9.Spiritual hunt

Goa’s churches are pass. Why not do something offbeat, take a day out and go on a spiritual marathon to the Hindu temples and shrines? 10.Getting inked Ah, wishing to flaunt your body in the coolest way possible? Go to a tattoo studio and get yourself inked. We dare you to get something really bold printed on your arm or cleavage!

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